All-in-One Scanner

Simple and Secure Bookkeeping and Factoring Invoicing.

Take photos or email documents

No manual data entry required

Automated Bookkeeping.

Instant POD reconciliation

Generate reports and invoices!

Only $10/month or $99/year

Download For Free And Get Started Today

Available for iOS and Android.

Release of version 2.0.20 has Learned New Tricks in Release 2.0.20

Our services allow drivers to scan documents with their phones and automate their bookkeeping and factoring invoicing.

Product Features 

Time Saving
Save 10 hours/week with smart document processing and export of settlement statements, receipts, bills, and invoices into accounting software
Secure Document Storage
Easy to manage document storage and retrieval
Low Cost
30 day trial. No credit card required. Plans start as low as $35 / month.
Bookkeeping for Dummies
No specialized training for users to realize the benefits of NO manual data entry and file organization.
Easy of mind with the document interpreter accuracy. You can be confident of solid input and output.
Real-time Federal Tax Estimator
Keep up with real-time estimates of taxes based on income, expenses, deductions, asset depreciation, and more.
5 Seconds Is All It takes
Five seconds of your time to submit document for processing
Always On and Available
Cloud based artificial intelligent computing accessible via smartphone app

Available for iOS and Android. News

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About Company

DUKE.AI, LLC provides automated accounting and bookkeeping for Owner Operators in the trucking industry to simplify business insights, file storage, and IRS tax compliance while over the road.  The requirements for DUKE were based on the obstacles Professional Truck Drivers are faced with.  The requirements mandated limited space for storage and devices, always on and available, limited data entry and training required.  We began to understand these requirements are not limited to Owner Operators in the trucking industry but other small business Owner Operators have the same requirements.  As a result we’ve come to understand the capacity of DUKE.

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14785 Preston Road Suite 550 Dallas, TX 75254
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Automated Accounting
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