4 Ways to Enjoy Holidays on and off the Road


If you’re caught up building your stacks while the fam lounges at home in PJs, stopping to catch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from afar might make the day feel a bit less solitary. But it gets so much better for me, at home or on the road, when I move around. This year, consider a walk around your neighborhood if you’re home—or any tree-lined park if you’re away. Hit the pavement a little harder to work out the holiday feels. 


Reconnecting with friends and family in person (or sometimes just a group text!) can be a beautiful thing — and maybe stressful under some circumstances. Whether you’re feeling at your best or not, a 3-minute break can bring back peace for any of us. I like to find a place away from the kids and chaos, or pull over if I’m trucking, where I can sit quietly and undisturbed for 3 minutes. My favorite is the long, slow breath or this pattern:  4 reps of quick inhales followed by a long, slow exhale for 5 to 6 seconds; repeat. Just 3 minutes of conscious breathing can reduce your stress and energize you at the same time. And that just might keep you in balance on or off the highway.

The Thanksgiving Dog


Whether you can be there in person or not, reconnecting is good for the soul! If you’re anything like me, using the phone to actually speak to the people you love is rare these days. And then I remember how special it is to hear the sound of their voices … We’re social creatures, so make that call. Even if it’s just to sing into the voicemail. It’ll give you a lift like nothing else and you may even get a surprise call back. Let them know you’ve missed them – we know you’re in it for the long haul.


Sleeping in your rig or at home, there are million small things that can go wrong on a holiday (or any given day). At home, sometimes the turkey is still frozen. Or the dog steals a dessert off the counter. In the midst of any craziness you experience this holiday, you always have the option to get upset or lean into the chaos and grin through it. Seriously. Disarm someone in a snarl with a smile. Reward a friendly greeting with a big smile. Smiling, at the pump, on your drive or around the dinner table, smooths over so much, and it feels good every time.


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