My name is Chidinma Chetaogbu, a Digital Marketing intern with My first assignment as a digital marketing intern was to provide an unbiased assessment of the user experience. I began my journey by downloading the App from the Apple store, which  was completed in a few seconds. I quickly found the app by typing “” in the App Store search engine. Once downloaded, I found the registration process was smooth. Using my yahoo mail and name then I got a confirmation message immediately. The link from the email redirected me to the app. 

Fig 1. Duke ai App in App Store

Fig 2. Registration Page

I took pictures of some random receipts, uploaded them to the app and the transfer was seamless.

Fig 3. How to upload document

I also uploaded Sam’s club gas receipt from my email. I uploaded six more receipts from different categories: including gas station, café, and a grocery receipt to see how the Upload document feature works. The result showed that I uploaded 10 files instead of 6 files. The first four documents uploaded were processed within seconds, while the ExxonMobil and Sam’s club receipts that were uploaded later on took a bit longer time to process.

Fig 4. The processed page

Another feature I liked about the app was integration with the online banking platform. Connecting my bank account was seamless and fast; my bank sent me a confirmation code to enable the connection, then it redirected me to

Fig 5. Linking with your bank account

Fig. 6 Select your bank

To personalize the app, I attempted adding a photo to my profile, but I received an error message stating  “something unexpected happened, please try again later; I tried it several times and still got the same response.

To experience enhanced features, including more upload space one needs to upgrade to the premium package. This enhanced option wasn’t clear on the app, because I couldn’t figure out how to make payments for the yearly or monthly plan from the app. To navigate this issue, I  visited the website from my Laptop describing the problem I encountered on the app. I received a timely response. The support team helped me rectify the upgrade issue, with the issue resolved, I completed the enrollment to the monthly plan. 

The app’s layout is easy to use for a new user like me. The view report compiles all your numbers; and displays on a dashboard which would have been lots of work and time-consuming if you were not using the right app like Duke Ai. You can equally access expense reports at a glance.

In summary, I had a fantastic customer experience receiving timely responses to reported issues. The solution is fairly priced compared to other apps or private CPA firms, users get value for money.  Integration with financial services is on point and smooth. More information needs to be added about deals for multiple truck owners. More personalization features, such as getting to know about fuel type, truck ownership structure, number of fleets and other relevant information can be added to increase user engagement. A link redirecting users to the website for inquiries can equally enhance usability.