Factoring At Your Fingertips

A Tool For Owner Operators To Access Funds Faster

We know the freight business. And we know that continuing to juggle a box of receipts, IFTA statements and BOLs can be a distraction. So it became part of our mission at DUKE to create a solution to streamline Freight Factoring for Owner Operators. Since we built the DUKE.ai app to address all aspects of bookkeeping, we’re pretty proud to share with you how this app is transforming day-to-day business for Owner Operators.

The DUKE.ai mobile app is set up to help Owner Operators get the factoring company what it needs much faster with far less effort. All it takes is shooting pics of your documents with your phone, and suddenly getting paid is a breeze.

Tapping into DUKE for the factoring process alone saves an average of 11 hours per week for any Owner Operator. Without DUKE, that time to tackle paperwork and create invoices is simply “lost time.” Staying organized is a challenge, especially when you’re busy. How much simpler could life be if matching Proof of Delivery tickets, Bills of Lading, rate sheets and destination details were done for you from the get-go?

Transform your paperwork management using DUKE.ai. At any point, see the number of complete and incomplete loads and understand what payout to expect instantly. Forget working from spreadsheets. When you use the DUKE app, the click of a button gives you all the BOLs, rate sheets, and invoices you’d like in a simple download – email what you need to the factoring company without hunting paperwork down.

Because we’ve built this app especially for you, we’re committed to giving you an experience that’s:


DUKE stores your data securely in the cloud.


DUKE uses machine learning to read and interpret all kinds of driver documents.


Both carrier and driver have visibility to current loads and the profit to be made. Just ask DUKE to tell you what kind of payday to anticipate!


Everything the factoring company needs to pay you, shared in a single email attachment.

We’ve simplified the Freight Factoring process because we have a vision for making life better for Owner Operators. Start using the DUKE mobile app to run your business more profitably in no time. Let us show you how.

Download DUKE.AI for free and get started today