Generative AI verse workflow AI

There’s so much promise, and reservation, associated with AI.  Some falsely believe AI has advanced to the point where any problem can be solved because an AI bot is there to assist.  This is true for a small number of applications. Yet AI has not advanced to an all knowing Artificial General Intelligence system.  AI solutions typically fall within the realm of AI Workflow or Generative AI.  By Generative AI, we’re describing AI  that is capable of generating text, speech, or other media in response to prompts.  What many are calling AI is nothing more than AI Workflow, which is a bit different from Generative AI

Let’s use a 1500 piece lego set, to build a model airplane, to illustrated the difference between Generative AI versus Workflow AI.  

Consider the three options for building the model;

1.  You’re not provided with instructions and you build the model yourself
2. You’re provided with detailed instructions to build the model
3. You’re given a machine that builds the model and you insert the pieces into the machine

Options #1 is more manual, time consuming, but you have flexibility in design.  In other words, you’re using human intelligence and no AI is leveraged.  You would go with this option, if you desire complete ownership, have skills and time to wait to achieve your end objective.

Option #2 is a bit less manual, less time consuming and less flexible in design. This is analogous to AI Workflow.  You’re given a toolset to streamline your work. If you desire a modest amount of control, have limited skills and time to achieve your end objective you would choose this option.

Option #3 is fully automated, no time is consumed, yet less flexible in design.  This is how Generative AI works. This is the best option, if you’re not concerned about control, have limited skills, want to move rapid to achieve your end objective then use generative AI.

We tend to associate Generative AI with chatbots or image creation. Yet, there are more critical applications of Generative AI.  For example, over $6 billion dollars are wasted annually, in freight, on fraud, back office invoicing, accounts payable and receivable.  There is an opportunity to leverage AI to reduce the cost to increase the profitability and eliminate wasted effort throughout the entire industry. 

If you are a freight broker, carrier, factor or shipper, which option would you select to accelerate audit, invoicing and payment?  At we have generative AI solutions so that you can go from 0 to 60 to you endeavor to reduce your bottom line which increasing you topline.