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Introducing DUKE.AI:  Automated Bookkeeping & Accounting

Software platform created to improve bottom line profits
for owner-operators in the transportation industry

ADDISON, TEXAS (08/22/2019) – Addison TreeHouse-based startup DUKE-AI, LLC proudly announces the launch of the DUKE.AI SaaS platform and mobile app, serving all levels of the transportation industry. DUKE.AI is designed to streamline accounting for big rig operators, carriers and accounting firms.

The DUKE.AI mobile scanner app replaces paper trails and time-consuming data entry with technology that reads documents, including settlement statements, straight from any mobile phone’s camera or by forwarding attachments via e-mail. Founder Marcus Cooksey notes, “Managing several trucks of my own, DUKE.AI was designed so paperwork couldn’t stand in the way of getting home to dinner or having taxes filed on time.”

Planned updates to DUKE.AI, including nudges from the software, soon will make mindful spending on the road as accessible as fast food restaurantsREAD MORE

Executive Bios

Marcus Cooksey
Chief Executive Officer
Marcus Cooksey, founder of DUKE.AI, LLC, is an engineer with more than 20 years of experience as a software developer at Texas Instruments (TI) Inc. His jobs at TI included building Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) products for some of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the market. He Founded DUKE.AI after realizing the deficiencies in bookkeeping and accounting software while managing LUI Transport, LLC; which is a trucking company he founded in 2015.
Viswanath Puttagunta
Vish has over 15 years of software developing experience. He and Marcus meet at Texas Instruments and met periodically as Vish went to purse interest the Open Source community and Data Science. As the CTO and Principal Data Scientists at DIVERGENCE.ai, Vish helps companies incubate Data Driven teams centered around Marketing, Operational Excellence/Logistics, Fraud Detection and Food Safety. As the cofounder of Duke.ai, Vish is keen on bringing the scale of cloud and AI to the Trucking owner operators.
Scott Roller
Investor | Board Member
Scott Roller is an investor and technology executive, currently working with startups and other privately owned businesses in the areas of product management, marketing, and sales.  Prior to this role, Scott served as Vice President of Systems Engineering & Marketing for Texas Instruments (TI), and prior to that was the Vice President of TI's Microcontroller business.  In his spare time, you'll find him teaching Physics to high school students or volunteering as a Lead Coach for a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team.
Reginald Joseph
Chief Financial Officer | Board Member
Reginald Joseph is a Business Consultant and Investor, where he provides CFO and exit transition services to owners of privately held businesses. Prior to this role, Reginald served as Vice President of Power Management Finance and Operations within the Analog Segment of Texas Instruments where he provided strategic leadership overseeing business operations, accounting and financial planning for this $2.5B business entity.

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