How Does a Truck Driver Track Income and Expense with DUKE.AI

Best receipt app for iPhone and android phone – the importance of bookkeeping

DUKE.AI auto-generates your profit &loss, expense, balance sheet and year to date tax liability based on the documents you’ve sent to DUKE.AI App.
If your reports doesn’t seem correct, please be sure you’ve uploaded all your income statements, settlements, receipts, repairs, etc.

DUKE.AI – Best Practices

The fundamental objective of any company, small or large, is to deliver valuable products or services while making a profit to sustain and/or grow the company. Yet, there are other departments within the company not directly related to the production of goods or providing services, but are still vital to meet a company’s objectives. Most large companies consist of finance and operations (F&O) departments. While some may consider these departments as unnecessary overhead, the reality is, without accurate tracking of income and expenses, it’s impossible for business to know its profit & loss and then budget accordingly, or to forecast expenses and income. Lack of financial and operational discipline leads to unpredictability, guessing, finger-crossing, and ultimately business failure. For example, do you know your profit per mile, YTD tax liability, working capital in relation to anticipated expenses, or the implication of accelerated depreciation?

Gain the power of a finance and operation department by routinely updating documents to DUKE via mobile app or email and generating P&L reports or YTD tax liability reports
Did you know it only takes 5 seconds at the time of transaction (gas or meal purchase) to upload your receipts?
Did you know it only takes 5 seconds to forward settlements to
Therefore don’t wait until the end of the week or month with a backlog of documents to upload. “5 Seconds" is all it takes and the rest of bookkeeping and accounting we take care for you.

DUKE.AI – Feature Highlights

DUKE gives you the option scanning(capture) receipts when you launch the app, saving you precious seconds when capturing images at the time of transaction.

1) Click on the profile picture in the upper right hand corner
2) Choose the “Open App with Camera" options
3) Select Yes
4) Shutdown DUKE App
5) click on DUKE icon

You can upload multiple documents in a single instance with DUKE.AI App.

1) From the Home Menu, select the “UPLOAD DOCUMENT" option
2) Snap a photo or select an existing photo from the gallery
3) Click the camera button at the bottom to select another document
4) Repeat steps 2-3 until all the desired images have been chosen (maximum 10)
5) Click the check mark button to confirm document selection is complete
6) Click on the “UPLOAD" button
7) Three options are presented

1. ONE as ONE – Treat each document as a separate receipt, settlement, or invoice
2. ALL as ONE – Treat each document as a single related document
3. Manual Configuration – allows you to group related documents

a. Highlight each related document
c. Repeat steps a-b

4. Click upload button
5. You should receive a confirmation the upload was successful

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