Learn to Run Your Rideshare Gig Like a Boss in 2020

Tax season. If you’ve ever had to cough up extra cash to cover income taxes, the dread is real. Are you wrapping up 2019 with a promise to do better next time? In the count down to a new tax year, December’s a perfect time to share how DUKE.ai is helping rideshare drivers run businesses with fewer tax liabilities and more profits per mile. Let us show you how simple it can be.

Lyft and Uber Drivers, Leave Bookkeeping and Tax Returns to DUKE.AI

For closing the year and starting fresh, there’s no other app making bookkeeping hands-free, paperless and instantaneous. When we set out to serve rideshare drivers, talking with Uber drivers and Lyft drivers wasn’t enough. I went out on the road to learn firsthand what it takes to run a rideshare business between shuttling passengers.

After hundreds of miles on the road, the realities of real-world rideshare driving showed us where drivers had pain points DUKE.ai could address. It’s how we really understood how few drivers know how to anticipate what their tax bill’s going to be! As a result, DUKE.ai puts that information at any driver’s fingertips, before and after any ride, and eliminates the need to toggle between apps helping you track mileage and expenses. At just $16 a month or $180 a year, DUKE.ai offers unbeatable affordability and accuracy as the only all-in-one solution. Where else can rideshare drivers save time and money using the real-time business intelligence they need:  superfast, reliable and convenient reporting at a price no bookkeeper, mileage tracker or accounting app combo can beat!

Forget Sorting Receipts and Entering Expenses By Hand

Whether you’re just starting out in a rideshare business like Uber and Lyft, or you’re looking for a better way to manage profitability, you’ve come to the right place. Download DUKE.ai to start scanning your receipts and categorizing transactions. You can also

  1. See total earnings as often as you like
  2. Anticipate what you owe in taxes at any point
  3. Learn how on-the-go decisions impact profitability
  4. Review profits (and losses) per mile
  5. Capture mileage and expenses to deduct automatically

Imagine downloading the Duke mobile app so you can automate your year-end tax prep, or start the year with a clean slate. You could be taking pics of receipts this afternoon and filing taxes tonight. Not only will the mobile app use your phone’s camera to read receipts and GPS to track miles, it will also systematically organize each expense and do all the calculations for you.

Advanced technology takes in expense and income data through your phone’s camera (or via email) and tax deductions, self employment taxes, profits and losses are automatically summed up for you. All without a calculator, QuickBooks knowledge or typing required. In no time, scanned receipts get stored in the cloud, so all those paper receipts can go into the trash (once photographed).

Rideshare Bookkeeping Without the Bookkeeper

Getting the most from your rideshare business becomes simpler with the right tool and access to real-time business insights. No bookkeeper, no problem. Both Android and iPhone users can access insights, including Profit & Loss statements, as fast as you can shoot and share images of your receipts and settlement documents.

Your Dashboard for Daily Business Decisions

The DUKE.ai system works through the power of advanced A.I. (artificial intelligence, or machine learning technology). In an instant, the app will read each document then complete bookkeeping entries, reference IRS tax tables, and provide instant feedback — all without any manual data entry. No advanced training is needed ever, because the magic happens inside the mobile app.

Try DUKE.ai free right now (for a limited time) to make better profit and loss decisions in your day-to-day, without the hassle of data entry or the expense of a bookkeeper.

What Will Make Your Tax Bill Manageable in 2020?

Often the most seasoned rideshare workers are more familiar with being a 1099 employee than with running a rideshare side gig as a real business. With the right tool, you can become the independent contractor the IRS expects you to be. That’s how DUKE.ai can help rideshare operators at any level.

Using DUKE.ai is how rideshare drivers get on the right side of recording expenses and accessing deductions before tax bills come due.  We designed the app to know before payday what you’ve earned and to anticipate early on how much you’ll owe … and so many more insights.

When you’re ready to be the boss of your own rideshare business, the DUKE mobile app will be here to support you.