Manage your Finances like a Professional
Available for iOS and Android.

Document Processing

Receipts, bill summaries, invoices, income settlement statements are all acceptable documents.

Document Scanner

Maintain all your documents in the DUKE.ai app for quick access. No need for a separate scanner app or device saving you time and money.

Profit & Loss Reporting

Unlimited report generation for P&L, Tax Liability, and Balance Sheet

Expense Report

Get an instant snapshot of your accumulated itemized expenses.

Document Storage

Easy to manage document storage and retrieval

Mileage Tracker

Keep track of accumulated miles while on duty.

Federal And Asset Deductions

As income and expenses are accumulated daily, you can know beforehand what your potential tax bill or tax return will be by modeling various federal deductions available to you.

Federal & Self-Employment Tax Liability

Using current year tax laws and formulas to compute the ESTIMATE tax liability.

Auto-IFTA Tracker And Reporting

Turn on the In-App mileage tracker to automatically generate IFTA report and IFTA liability

Instantly Payment

Send load documents with an invoice automatically created, to any factorer, broker or shipper so that you can get paid faster.

CPA Network

We've partnered with the industry's best tax and CPA firms to provide comprehensive consultation and tax preparation.

Business Analytics

Understand profit per mile, profit improvement and cost savings recommendations.

$10/month or $99/Annually