Transportation Industry Tax Prep

The New Tool Driving Speed, Accuracy and Scale for Accountants

What if doubling your transportation industry client load was possible without adding a single tax preparer? Our team has tackled this question for accounting firms looking for a lean way to help their practices scale.

DUKE is a highly-specialized all-in-one accounting tool for the transportation industry. Whether a transportation client starts using Duke to record single-operator transactions, or the accounting firm transitions a carrier’s entire fleet financials to the Duke portal, the outcome is the same: automation and in-depth “machine learning” in the Duke app make nearly-instant tax filing a real possibility.

Duke has advanced transportation industry accounting far enough into the future that it’s now replacing traditional software and manual-data-entry bookkeeping methods. We’ve embedded into Duke the operational philosophy “the cleaner the books, the better the reporting.” While it’s not magic, machine learning has allowed us to streamline the path from transaction to tax filing.

Clients no longer do any data entry whatsoever. The app is smart enough to read and store documents straight from any smartphone’s camera, generating journal entries and reporting on the spot. Everything from up-to-the-minute Profit-and-Loss and balance sheets to income tax estimates are always within a client’s reach.

Point and shoot results for clients. Accurate, timely transaction output for tax prep.

If small business clients are no longer eating up professional service hours with errors, missing documents and back-and-forth communications, how much more tax business could your team tackle?

DUKE is bringing speed and accuracy to reporting and tax filing like never before. Imagine the possibilities for working with transportation clients, at scale, with DUKE removing the friction for clients who’ve always dreaded tax season for one very sensitive reason:  the pain of owing taxes. With DUKE providing reporting that’s real-time and accurate, tax awareness can be monitored by the day, by the delivery or as often as desired …. No surprises, at any point in the transaction journey means more client satisfaction and greater growth possibilities for tax preparers.

If you’re ready to boost your accounting business with a partner primed to support your growth, let’s talk.

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