The DUKE app was built to blow QuickBooks and ATBS away in price and performance. The app is simply more wallet-friendly to use than any alternative software. We’ve made the DUKE app to be not only an affordable pick for bookkeeping in the short term, it’s also a wealth-building resource for truckers over the long haul—truckers get so much more value from using the app than simple and affordable, automated bookkeeping.  Experienced CPA firms in the Trucking industry are beginning to leverage the power of DUKE (see DUKE.ai CPA partners).

Here’s the lowdown truth about where the DUKE app is giving your pocketbook a break on trucker bookkeeping in 2021.

No need to call for a demo or setup. Download DUKE.ai directly from App Store or Play Store


Know first that setting up your account is the first point that other software begins to look tremendously different from DUKE. Where DUKE’s initial setup takes only 2 minutes per driver at only $10/month, QuickBooks has the average trucker paying 12x more in cost and effort.

And QuickBooks’ complexity makes truckers dependent on someone else’s time and expertise to set up and run it, every month of every year.

If you’re geared to make money, it’s hard to lose thousands of potential dollars a year to QuickBooks, when you see all that DUKE offers at the $99 annual subscription rate (or $10 a month).

What exactly does a DUKE subscription buy you? Aside from being customized for trucking from your first minute using the app, the DUKE app subscription also gives drivers and carrier companies:

  • Free trucker bookkeeping – with up-to-the-minute accuracy the moment you add new documents
  • – Free IFTA and income tax calculations – by referencing actual tax tables for you, while you drive
  • – Free paperless file cabinet – using your camera to securely read and organize all paperwork
  • – Free reports – for knowing what’s earned and what’s owed without tapping other resources
  • – Free insights – for clarity on what daily decisions are driving profits and losses
  • – Free Proof of Delivery Invoice – say goodbye to paying for backoff and effort for factoring invoicing

Whether you compare the DUKE app on price alone to QuickBooks ($8 – $150 a month) or to the ATBS app ($10 – $45 a week), DUKE still stands out. In the automated bookkeeping capabilities DUKE brings, the platform itself is built independently, where other apps are fundamentally different: others rely on the old QuickBooks (API/platform) — something DUKE never needs to rely on because our team built all of its technology from scratch.

And if you’re wondering how Profit Gauges stacks up, even it requires an overwhelming amount of manual input from you along with an ongoing time investment to maintain it … not to mention that Profit Gauges does not offer document storage either. By contrast, DUKE app technology keeps anything you photograph organized and accessible in one place, making any trucker’s tax time that much easier.

Hidden Cost of Quickbooks, ATBS and ProfitGauges


So what about all the claims QuickBooks makes about speeding up bookkeeping with automation? Despite the appearance of automation, being a QuickBooks User comes with BIG hidden costs. And that comes from the time-intensive cost of keeping up with its slow, Old School approach to bookkeeping.

Where QuickBooks still asks any User to manually type in amounts, wait for uploads and reconcile details, interacting with the DUKE app calls for NONE of that. When we experimented in our trucking business with QuickBooks, we found that:

– QB requires Users have bookkeeping/accounting knowledge, especially to manage a balance sheet

– QB requires in-depth account setup time/know-how, plus QB accesses your banks to download data

– QB can do basic receipt scanning, EXCEPT QB Users must enter amounts by hand – Not DUKE!

– QB can do mileage tracking, EXCEPT QB omits IFTA jurisdiction and fuel consumption in calculations like DUKE does!

Knowing how the DUKE app addresses and excels at meeting truckers’ needs, it’s easy to see why drivers and carriers love using DUKE. By devoting just a minute a day to snapping paperwork pics app, the app automatically does ALL the rest … from entering the books to delivering financial reports.

When you understand how rich DUKE’s know-how is in actually reading your bank statements, settlements, IFTA tables and other trucking documents, there’s simply no way for QuickBooks dated accounting methods to keep up with YOU — all things that matter when a trucker owns the “time is money” mindset.